Jumpei Sasabe

Curriculum Vitae

Jumpei Sasabe
Postdoc (Microbiology), Harvard Medical School (since 2013)
Instructor, Keio University School of Medicine (since 2010)
Postdoctoral Fellow (Anatomy & Neuroscience), Keio University School of Medicine (2008-2010)
Ph.D. (Medicine), Keio University School of Medicine (2008)
M.D., Keio University School of Medicine (2002)

Jumpei Sasabe (http://waldorlab NULL.bwh NULL.harvard NULL.edu/wp-content/images/people/jumpei_sasabe NULL.jpg) Contact:
e-mail: jsasabe@partners.org ( jsasabe null@null partners NULL.org)

Research Area:

D-Amino Acids / Gut Microbiota / Bacteria Metagenome Analysis

Recent Publications:

Miyoshi Y, Konno R, Sasabe J, Ueno K, Tojo Y, Mita M, Aiso S, Hamase K. (2012) Alteration of intrinsic amounts of D-serine in the mice lacking serine racemase and D-amino acid oxidase. Amino Acids. 43(5):1919-31.

Suzuki M, Sasabe J, Furuya S, Mita M, Hamase K, Aiso S. (2012) Type 1 diabetes mellitus in mice increases hippocampal D-serine in the acute phase after streptozotocin injection. Brain Res. 1466:167-76.

Sasabe J, Miyoshi Y, Suzuki M, Mita M, Konno R, Matsuoka M, Hamase K, Aiso S. (2012) D-amino acid oxidase controls motoneuron degeneration through D-serine. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 109(2):627-32.

Hayashi K, Sasabe J, Chiba T, Aiso S, Utsunomiya-Tate N. (2012) D-Ser-containing humanin shows promotion of fibril formation. Amino Acids. 42(6):2293-7.