Hailong Zhang

Curriculum Vitae

Hailong Zhang
Postdoc (Microbiology), Harvard Medical School (Since 2016)
Ph.D. (Cell Biology), Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology (SIBCB), Chinese Acadmy of Science (CAS) (2010-2015)
B.S. (Biological Science), School of Life Science, Henan University (2006-2010)
Hailong Zhang (http://waldorlab NULL.bwh NULL.harvard NULL.edu/wp-content/images/people/hailong_zhang NULL.jpg) Contact:
e-mail: DR.HLZhang@gmail.com (DR NULL.HLZhang null@null gmail NULL.com)

Research Area:

The microbial communities, their metabolites and components not only influence immune homeostasis, immune-mediated diseases and disorders; they also modulate both the central nervous system and enteric nervous system. Thus, I am interested in gut microbiota, metabolites, host immunity and the related neuron response.

Using a genome-wide CRISPR/Cas9 genetic screening system and transgenic mouse model, we are trying to investigate the cascade of Microbiota-Immune-Neuron response and demonstrate the Gut-Brain interaction.

Recent Publications:

Zhang HL*, Zheng YJ*, Pan YD*, Lu L, Zhang YH, Yuan MY, Yan ZJ, Li JS, and Chen JF. Prevention of both innate and adaptive immune-mediated colitis through inhibition of integrin β7 activation. (Pre-submitted paper)

Zhang YH, Pan YD, Lin CD, Zheng YJ, Sun H, Zhang HL, Wang JL, Yuan MY, Duan T, Du QL and Chen JF. (2016) Bile acids evoke placental inflammation by activating Gpbar1/NF-κB pathway in intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy. Journal of Molecular Cell Biology

Zhang HL, Lu L, Zheng YJ, Yuan MY and Chen JF. (2016) Regulation of immune cell adhesion and migration by cell microenvironments. Chinese Bulletin of Life Sciences

Zhang HL*, Zheng YJ*, Pan YD, Xie C, Sun H, Zhang YH, Yuan MY and Chen JF. (2015) Regulatory T cell depletion in the gut caused by integrin β7 deficiency exacerbates DSS colitis by evoking aberrant innate immunity. Mucosal Immunology

Du QL, Pan YD, Zhang YH, Zhang HL, Zheng YJ, Lu L, Wang JL, Duan T*, Chen JF*. (2014) Placental gene-expression profiles of intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy reveal involvement of multiple molecular pathways in blood vessel formation and inflammation. BMC Med Genomics